BlueChew Review (Sildenafil or Tadalafil)

BlueChew Review: An Excellent Solution for Sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction

Natural aging affects us all. As we men age, some of our body parts don’t function the same way they once did. One such body part is the penis. While erections happen quite naturally and spontaneously on arousal when we are young, they may totally stop once we hit a certain age.

Most complaints of erectile dysfunction come from men who are 40+. While certain cases of erectile dysfunction have underlying medical conditions to blame, others are simply the effects of aging.

Thankfully, in today’s times, there are numerous medications and treatment solutions for erectile dysfunction in the market, and one such solution is BlueChew for erectile dysfunction. Over the course of this blog, I will do my BlueChew review and tell you what it is all about.

When Medication for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Should Be On Your Mind

Several studies have determined that erectile dysfunction is becoming an increasing problem, with more than 40% of 40-50-year-old men suffering from bouts of the condition.

The cause of the condition may not be the same for everyone involved. For some, the cause may be heart disease, for others, it may be high blood pressure while for some, it may even be anxiety and depression. Whatever the cause is, you should seek medical attention as soon as you feel your penis not standing up when it is supposed to.

Thankfully, there is the option of seeking medical attention in today’s times. Before the 90s, it was quite difficult even to imagine a solution for cases of erectile dysfunction, take a look at Bluechew reviews for more info. Most people would resign to the condition and live with it for the rest of their days. However, the introduction of the medications Cialis and Viagra to the pharmaceutical market changed everything.

Even though both brands were ridiculously expensive, they were effective in treating erectile dysfunction, which slowly but surely made them popular. However, the masses still wanted a cheaper alternative, which they now have thanks to BlueChew.

BlueChew tablets consist of sildenafil or tadalafil; both medications are used in Cialis and Viagra. However, BlueChew tablets are much more affordable, as both these drugs have come off patent.

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How to Get BlueChew Tablets

BlueChew tablets are not available in your regular pharmacies. To try out BlueChew tablets, you need to head over to the BlueChew basis and subscribe to one of four paid plans. If you want, you can even opt for a free 30-day trial by using a coupon code.

All you have to do is answer a few questions that the website will ask you to determine if your health permits you to use sildenafil or tadalafil tablets. You will get an e-mail from BlueChew alerting you of your approval and after you fill in your personal information, you can expect the tablets to reach you in a couple of days.

The best thing about a BlueChew subscription is the fact that along with erectile dysfunction tablets, you also get access to healthcare professionals for additional consultation.

The BlueChew Benefits

  • BlueChew Maintains Discretion and Privacy: One of the major reasons why a solution like BlueChew has become so popular is quite simple essentially; you don’t have to face a pharmacist in person anymore to get the tablets.

As erectile dysfunction is one of those conditions that still has a lot of social stigmas associated with it, many men are not comfortable discussing it with their local doctors and pharmacists. BlueChew eliminates the need for going to a pharmacy totally.

They also do unmarked product shipments to your address so that your personal information stays protected.

  • Hassle-Free Method of Getting Erectile Dysfunction Medications: Privacy and discretion are not the only things you have to worry about when you want to buy erectile dysfunction medications. Eligibility is another issue to think about.

Not all men are eligible to take sildenafil and/or tadalafil. Figuring out if you are eligible or not can be hassle-inducing, as you need to schedule a meeting with your doctor and take time out for the consultation.

However, on the BlueChew website, all you have to do is answer a few questions and that’s it. You can count on BlueChew’s team of healthcare professionals to perform their assessment of your health and confirm your eligibility status without you having to leave the comforts of your home.

  • BlueChew Tablets are Chewable and Tasty: While one may argue that taste should not be one of the criteria on which erectile dysfunction medications should be judged, it has to be said that something tasty always feels better to have than something that is not.

That’s why these tablets stand out from the rest of the crowd. The tablets are quite tasty, which makes them nice to have. They are also chewable, which is a breath of fresh air considering that most other erectile dysfunction medications can only be swallowed.

  • The Tablets Contain Sildenafil and Tadalafil: BlueChew tablets can consist of either sildenafil or tadalafil, depending on what BlueChew’s medical team judges to be the best medication for you.

These drugs are also the active ingredients in world-famous erectile dysfunction medication brands Cialis and Viagra. While sildenafil is Viagra’s active ingredient, tadalafil is Cialis’. As of now, there are no drugs better than these two to put an end to your erectile dysfunction woes.

Sildenafil tablets should be taken around an hour before sexual activity for them to be most effective. If you know that you will be having sex at a particular time for sure, then sildenafil can work wonders.

However, if you don’t know when a sexual encounter may come around, tadalafil would be the better option. It should be taken approximately 2 hours before sexual activity, but be warned, its effects may last for over a day.

Tadalafil is probably the more effective of the two in terms of the hardness of the erection, as it promotes better blood flow to the penis. However, if the BlueChew medical team does not approve you for tadalafil, then don’t be too concerned, as sildenafil is an effective drug too.

  • A Variety of Subscription Plans: The BlueChew subscription program consists of four paid plans as mentioned before. All four plans are monthly plans, with the differences being reflected in their price points and the number of tablets delivered to customers.

As of now, here are the BlueChew plans and their respective prices:

  1. Active: 6 x 10mg sildenafil tablets/ 4 x 6mg tadalafil tablets
  2. Busy: 10 x 10mg sildenafil tablets/ 7 x 6mg tadalafil tablets
  3. Popular: 17 x 10mg sildenafil tablets/ 14 x 6 mg tadalafil tablets
  4. Pro: 34 x 10 mg sildenafil tablets/ 28 x 6 mg tadalafil tablets

Choose Plan

The active plan is the cheapest plan, but its tablet count is good enough for people who have sex moderately. The most expensive plan is meant for those who have higher sex drives and want to indulge in intercourse on an everyday basis.

BlueChew Review with Discounts?

Through the use of coupon codes, BlueChew even allows customers to enjoy a month-long trial period. When the trial period comes to an end, users can choose the subscription plan of their choice or simply discontinue their use if they feel that the tablets are not effective enough.

  • BlueChew Tablets Act Faster than ED Tablets from Other Brands: Chewable tablets tend to act much faster than tablets you can only swallow. This is because the drugs in chewable tablets enter the bloodstream faster than drugs in tablets meant to swallow. This gives customers the option of carrying a BlueChew tablet around with them all the time.
  • Customer Care is Top-Notch: The folks at BlueChew have really done a marvelous job in terms of keeping their customers happy. To assist their customers at any time during the day or the night, BlueChew offers a 24/7 helpline for people to seek assistance regarding erectile dysfunction solutions.

The fact that they have genuine medical professionals in their ranks also means that they can provide quality answers for any queries that customers may have.

And Finally, It’s Time for the Verdict

So if you have paid attention, you now know that BlueChew is not just a platform to get erectile dysfunction medication. It is a comprehensive solution that offers medical advice and customer support along with the medication. It’s fair to say that no other service exists quite like it, and it’s not just me saying it.

If you go through BlueChew reviews on the internet, then you can find the vast majority of them saying the same thing. So on a scale of 10, I would probably give BlueChew a 9.5 rating. It’s almost the perfect erectile dysfunction solution and with a few tweaks in the future, it just might hit the heights of perfection.

If the misery of erectile dysfunction has got you down on your knees pleading for solutions, then you should definitely give BlueChew a consideration. Through a BlueChew subscription plan, you can get access to the world’s most trusted erectile dysfunction medication at affordable prices along with access to professional healthcare experts as well.

Choose BlueChew and let your sex life be rejuvenated!

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